Monday, December 19, 2016

The Catty Book of Colouring Dragons!

"The Catty Book of Colouring dragons" 

Because as we all know, colouring books and dragons are both a thing lately

fig 1 - Arielle sitting in a cloud
fig 2 - Brooke swimming around
 her alcove
I have been kicking the idea of a colouring book based on the Cattydragons characters for quite some time.  This is because of the fact that in recent years, colouring books have become a craze again.  This time around, it's taken adults by storm.  This being said, colouring books as a concept are open to anyone and everyone who enjoys them

There are also numerous studies citing that colouring in colouring books can help those who have depression, anxiety and PTSD.  These studies state that the overall benefit is a form of calming.  Others just enjoy the hobby, and some like myself, are in it for the Nostalgia.  Growing up, I had coloured in several  of these things.  There were times I stayed in the lines and others where I was less able due to motor skills caused by mild CP (NOT Autism, sorry about that, diagnostic professionals).

The thing is, Yes, Cattydragons is an art business an needs to generate an income.  Some of this requires adapting to some, and I do mean SOME of the trends in marketing , branding, as well as what's "hot" and trendy.  Given the fact that the idea of colouring books is resurging in such a very unique way, and I have major nostalgia for these things (IE the smell of crayons) I believe this to be a win win situation.

The Care and Colouring of Dragons

"The catty book  of colouring dragons" will be published as an E-book available for digital download and printing in a month or two.  The blank images already exist even though I didn't know they did until I looked at some of my black and white 'Redux" art pieces after a failed attempt at making something that looked more like a traditional colouring book.

Look foward to seeing it on  The cattydragons facebook page and available for purchase on the cattydragons website.  My goal with this is to someday publish it as a stand alone colouring book.

An update!

Fig 3 "The Moon over Abraxas"
I have been able to finish the back sleeve cover art for the colouring book. The art used is a new soon-to-be painting entitled "The Moon over Abraxas".  This digital version is a prototype. It is most likely that the actual painting will be what I will use in the finished product.  Keep subscribed to this blog-post to keep updated on the product and to purchase.

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