Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Moon over Abraxas

 Do you remember that starry night?

In working on the groundwork for an upcoming colouring book, Ihad the inclination to actually put effort into the cover art and back cover art.  Whilst listening to the actress Stockard Channing read the works of Beverly Cleary, The GIMP and I went to work.  I had originally thought of doing this as a work of lineart.  However, my paper store was moved, therefore I had to go completely digital.  

It is the middle of winter in the state of Minnesota.  One of my favourite things to do as an artist is landscapes and skywashes.  Sometimes even, beaches!  Last thursday, I thought up a cooler beach on a lakebed, more than an oceanside.  The witching hour on a full moon, along with the cool and cold colours used reflect that there is still magick in Midwinter, no matter the weather.

"I am an Abraxian, A Soggoth'I"

I have already had people around me and even on facebook ask me why I haven't just done a regular old earthling beach on a regular old earthling night.  I have seen it fit to explain to them that my works of art are not centred around mere depecitions of things in the physical realm of earth (Read:  "Earth plane") with the exception of being comissioned as such.  With that said, I am not hositle towards such ideas.  

The planet of Abraxas, sometimes called other names in the ancient world as well as the modern one was said to have been an earthlike world.  for some reason, I was drawn to the idea of a moonset on the arctic-most region of Abraxas on what appears at first a sandy beach.  The cold of winter there was probably even worse-off than the ones in MN.  

fig 2 - the sky wash
Fig 1 - "The Moon over Abraxas"
Digital work

fig 3 - the beach
waves and moon com

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