Monday, June 19, 2017

APD Live performance "Down by the Salley Gardens" from "Spyro 2 - Der Wa...

Here I am performing the ending piece to "Spyro the Dragon 2 - Der Wanderer und Sein Schatter" batter known to most as of now as "Gateway to Gliimmer" Or "Ripto's rage"

It's a traditional Irish piece called "Down by the Salley Gardens, notably covered by Loreena Mackennit

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Cliffsides of Yolanga

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Cliffsides of Yolanga
WIP photo
Cliffsides of Yolanga
Finished (c) 201
To fans and players of the game "Spyro 2 - Ripto's Rage" (tm), the painting in this article may look familiar.  In the game, there is a world in the latter half of the hubworld "Summer forest" (tm) known as Hurricos.  Hurricos is a very dark and shadowy level featuring grasslands and a giant factory which is seemingly shut down.

Shown here is a painting depecting a coner of said world after you enter it, but with 2 "Suns" due to the way water reflects light.  

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Power Rangers: A Study on “Inclusion”

These days, if there is one word that doesn’t sit very well with most people outside the blogosphere or the Arenas of Tumpler and Reddit, its Inclusion. The ideas of diversity and inclusion in the media have been a hot topic for quite some time and the idea of things being “white washed” as well as bad cultural stereotypes have been around since the dawn of the printed word. These days, however, these ideas are being challenged.

As things go in cycles, things in the 90s are now beco ming nostalgic such as “Full house”, “Saved by the Bell” and of course “Power Rangers”. However, the prevailing unveiling of the idea of inclusion and proper, I do highlight the idea of “PROPER” representation is easier to call out.

For the few of you who were not born in the late 80s or very early 90s and not bombarded by American filming meshed with Japanese stock footage, here’s how Power Rangers works. Zordon, an intergalactic being and his companion Alpha-5 (No word on the other 4) summon a group of Teenagers with “Aittiude” to repetitively fight the evils of Goldar and Rita Repulsa. It’s a show based on a long-running live action children’s/Teen’s show Gogo Senti ZyuRanger which Haim-Saban ported over to American Audiences in 1993.

Being that the show centered around the lives of “seemingly ordinary” Teenagers with the aforementioned “Attitude” herein lies everyone’s favourite word “inclusion”. In the 90s, however, this was more a tokenization matter and not an actual attempt at showing a truly diverse cast.

In the new movie, just called “Power Rangers” ™ with a lightening bolt in the centre, the cast is truly diverse, having ethnic diversity and Neurodiversity as well as gender diversity. One of the new Rangers out of the 5 is LGBTQ+. The way this person is done is respectul as far as I have heard from mos tof my friends of that ilk.

As I mentioned before, there is Neurodiversity. Being represented. The Blue Ranger Billy Kranston is on the spectrum. Surprisingly to myself and a lot fo my friends who are Neurodivergent and or on the spectrum htemslves, this particular person wasn’t played up as a gimick, cash-in or anything of the sort. He really seemed like part of the fabric, as it were that constructed both the story and the setting of the film, like the other characters. I have to say, this is a big step in the right direction.

There is a lot of backlash these days concerning films who try to have both a diverse cast of actors, character representations and who try to tell different sotries than the normal narrative. There are even fans of power rangers who really don’t like the idea of ANY inclusion or diversity in the media. They see it as a threat. Internally in hollywood, this is also causing a problem. There are mentions on radio shows about an “Agenda” being pushed. I disagree. Having a media that tells a varity of stories with a variety of characters and narratives makes things more interesting, and dare I say it, more real.  

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Moved, but depressed Cat


A few years ago now, I was approached by a now ex manager concerning moving to another group home that they claimed up  and down was a lot more suited for someone as <i>independent</i> as I am.  I only declined initially due to balance issues and negotiating some rough terrain.  However, declining in a state-run group home is not a good idea.  I was thereafter, followed around by  people sent by  my ex-manager to <i> "convince*1" </i> A yes vote out of me.

This didn't work.  It drove me completely out of my mind.  I had nothing to do  or say.  The meltdowns I had were terrible, with no recourse.  Over the course of several months, even though we had gone through 2 managers in less than 6 months, the convincing attempts kept coming, in the middle of work.  For those of you who don't know, I work for a janitorial enclave that is a subsidiary of the same company I live under.  They have strict rules about things like standing around, "Not working" and other things.  I lost hours worth of time.  The verbal pelting continued.

4 months ago, I was told, Ironically at work that the spot had opened up again.  Having been fed up with having money stolen from me by a housemate and constantly having staff around, I gave in.  I don't have buyer's remorse.  Unfortunately though, this is still a state-run group home with the same state nonsense all because I have a few labels under my belt that I didn't at all ask for.  3 and a half weeks ago, I was told that final preparations were made.  A month prior , I started packing.  I did, however, run out of boxes.

Being that the boxes were furnished and things were packed, we packed up the rest of it.  HOwever, I was only given a single week! Ontop of that, we happened to have a really bad snow advisory that week! It was harsh.  Rides to and from work on the last day of work at the old house were horrendously slow.

Where there's a Rail, there's a Way

I am now there.  It  hasn't even bee
n a day yet.  I am emotionally crippled (Sorry for the use of that word) and compromised.  I already hear talks of meetings and such.  the only lights I can see are a few friends showing up at some point.  Last night, I wound up going grocery shopping with them; it wasn't too different from the way we used to do it years ago.  That doens't help things any.  When I moved from Duluth to the cities more than 16 years ago, I had family friends, a church, and a mall I was familiar with. Now, I don't have any of that.

The rail, yes, was installed.  For some reason, they (as in the office or maintainence) coucln't give me a yay or nay 3 years ago.  I dno't know how I am going to fair or deal with this at the moment. I do have paintings, and the arts.  I am also working on raising funds to pay for the filing fee of guardianship.  Should this be successful, I will up and leave.  I have placed my link down on the bottom for either donations or art purchases.

"Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you are our only hope"