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Spyro the Dragon: Nights in White Satin

 "Now Ashe, my dear friend. You have thought beside me in many battles. It is now my turn to tell you everything that transpired regarding myself and how I got us to this point. You must know how and why I made that promise. Verily you must also know why I left planet Earth"

The portal closed, Spyro  then slowly and cautiously  made his way through the air vents. With not even a map to guide him, just the magnetism and field lines guiding his horns.  

However, something about this building was off.  A haunting? errors and glitches in the Encephalon? either are not optimal.  having no cultural lense to view what  he was about to see, having broke through a drop ceiling air vent into a room with lon dead Halogen lights and rows of black tables  that were sat upon a brown  carpeted floor, he was aghast and left rendered silent

One such black table he landed upon, his vision  doubled at first, but coming into focus wiht only spots of moonlight to guide him.  The every present but not so frequent sounds of an old building which should not be old in the slightest settling along with  a strange breeze were the ambience.   Sparx wasrent silent.  He neither  had a lenses by which to see what this really was.  they both survived the room.  Sparx , acting as a drone formed a link between himles fna Spyro's visual cortex flying around and taking in information....All com[pletely foreign to him.   THough not to   a certain close friend of theirs, not.. "back then"

Sparx returned to sp yro's side, finally finding back his voice, he buzzed his wings and  spoke up


Spyro turn his head twoards sparx

"Only Gilbert knows how it happened for sure.  "

"I always wondered why he was off....now I know" Nodded Sparx, going silent once more, buzzing at position

"Our Target is the Goetia Key.  We have to press forward"  

'Press forward' they did.  Finding the door, sparx fit himself into the keyhole and tried jiggering the lock.  This didn't work.  

"Get out of there, I'm going to melt the knob off" commanded spyro.  

He puffed up his cheeks, steam and smoke coming out and breathed a long, white hot flame that reduced the doorknob to liquid metal.  

Exiting the room they landed in, they continued down one long, claustrophobia-inducing hallway with an echoey floor made of linoleum. Their only guiding light was the sparse moonlight they had seen  in the defunct classroom they now left behind.  

From out of seemingly NOWHERE, a gust of wind, cold wind surrounded both Spyro and Sparx.  Sparxs' teeth chattered. Spyro, however, failed to react.  

"Haunting" whispered Spyro.  Seemingly unphased, they kept going.  


The further they continued down the hallway, the more the seemingly dead lights began to flicker.  A loud hum permeated through the hallway, which now seemed as though it was cut off.  That was until...they came to a case.  

This was a case usually reserved for prizes and accolades.  Amongst the names listed on the plaques with trophies were a few that  had a ring to them.  

"Mikhail Yuriev" "The Rt Hon Dr Heinlein" "Professor Mallard"

*Professor Mallad* THEIR jovial, kindhearted Professor who they'd seen have an attack once, his name, and a photo of him in a Gebbler uniform stood there, staring seemingly at them. 

Spyro hung his head solemnly, almost broken

"The professor" he lamented "This is what he saw, this is what drove him into madness...5,000 years ago."

Coming to a turn, they veered right and continued forward to another monotonous row of doors with numbers on either side.  

The lights blinked again, struggled and turned all the way on.  The spectre  of a lady in a white instructor uniform was there to greet her

Spyro returned to form, his chin up as usual, eyes forward.  He faced the apparition A certain warmth about her filled the air.  Wind and leaves blew again.  and he looked upon a kind face, with her hair tied back.  


Once again, Spyro being as observant as he was made no mistake as he observed the hair tie dash dash the same hair tie that Gilbert wore around his shooting wrist. As he walked closer to The apparition, he spoke within his mind

"Well eat my butterflies, Sparx, that's the hair tie!"

Sparx noticed that Spyro had gone off into his own head again. He buzzed around said head and did what he could to get his attention. However, Spyro waved it away. As if she didn't notice, the specter turned and hovered towards the door. Unlike the last time, the door opened.

Spyro's eyes widened, and he turned to Sparx. Given that he had not been able to process what he just saw and what he just experienced he's spoken and light whisperer. He sounded a bit raspy.

"That instructor lady had that hair tie Gilbert's wearing around his wrist all the time. I can't believe this!"

Sparx nodded, and turned to his compatriot. 

"Yeah, there's a lot of wild stuff going on lately that even I'm beginning to believe. "

However, Sparx was taken with his normally quizzical nature given a situation like this. Words echoed through his head. The words of Gilbert to Bianca the rabbit after she had recovered from a hemorrhage that should have been the end of her.

"They separate you from your mother's breast. When you were at weaning age that is. After that, you are sat at a table. You sit at a table, face one direction, and are to repeat everything said to you by the end of the week."

Spyros' jaw dropped. Even given that he had heard this before when said thing had happened. He imagined scores of children crying for their mothers to come back being led into a room like the one they were just in with multiple long black tables. The tables, the strange brown carpet, but now dead but usually brilliant and humming lights that drove some to their breaking point alone. This was too much for him to take in. 

Both Spyro and Sparx, however, continued to follow the lead of the specter down yet another corridor. This one is well, contained a claustrophobic element. This time, it did not lead to Spyro be coming undone. All the meanwhile, Sparx had his own opinions.

"I don't get it! " He said in a raspy whisper, " how in the world is this supposed to Foster anything close to what anyone considers an education? "

"It isn't. That's the thing."Spyro had kept his composure. The specter weaved in and out of existence and consciousness. She stopped at a room with a random number on it. Then, in the minds of Spyro and Sparx to their surprise, she spoke. Slightly deep but still calm and affirming.

"Loneliness the pilgrims seek to find within"her voice echoed, "said the plaque upon the last door"

Before the both of them can't even process that thought she continued

"I am the janitor of this time period what you are looking for lies behind that door. The answer you seek you will find with in."

When this ended, Sparx with bewildered. He shot up and face Spyro directly.

"Whoa whoa whoa! That dead chick just talked inside of my head."

Spyro tried to hide his grimace and it evolved into a sneer. Neither was a very important because his head was down to begin with. 

"It looks like the Goetia Key's in there. Let's get in and get out this place gives me the bloody creeps"

"I agree", replied Spyro. He turned his head to the door as it opened - - on its own.


"The morning that I fled planet Earth there were sirens and much chaos. There were many Hired guns and much ire. Be there as it may, it was the day that the Nightingale sang."

The door had open. The specter of the uniformed instructor faded back into the ether. The full effect of the Moon obscured by trees shown through the rotting windows. Both Spyro and Sparx looked around. They took in what they could see. It was yet another room with multiple long tables near the back. There was a radiator along the right side wall. Along the wall facing front, just as Gilbert had explained to Bianca, right there was the blackboard. The very blackboard with which they were all expected to face every single day. There was a lead below the bottom of the blackboard that jutted out made out of metal with an eraser neatly set at its edge.

The duo took some time to take in the scenery. This was not the temple they were raised in. These were not the kind-hearted and benevolent elders during their time  of Beryn-fin. These surroundings were meant to make one sit straight and face forward. These surroundings were that which bread the kind-hearted but shadowy Gilbert. Everything started in this very room.

Spyro formed the mental link again with Sparx. Once again, Sparx became spyro's pair of Ariel eyes.

 "Look for an upright chest of drawers" informed Spyro. 

He had figured that the quicker they could get in here, get the Goetia Key, make it back up the air intake and get out of here but sooner this would be over.

Sparx settled on said upright chest of drawers. More of a file cabinet made out of steel.

"Now for my specialty!" he exclaimed with a grin "one lock pick, coming right up!"

Sparx fit himself inside of the lock and jiggered around inside until he could turn the boomers. Given that spyro's frame have been blown he let out a soft smile unseen to Sparx.

"That little dad's got a lot of moxie" he spoke to himself.

The both of them heard a click and the drawer opened as though on its own. Both of their mouths open slowly but wide. There in a leather-bound black with Sumerian cuneiform on it.. there it was! the Goetia Key!

In a mere instant, Spyro lunch towards the drawer and took the geisha key into his mouth. Hastily, he made a beeline of all beelines towards the end of the hallway. He scanned the hallway for any entrances to the air duct while he was at it. He charged! He said in and out of pools of moonlight that reflected through the window and played upon the the linoleum floor as though they were living entities with spirit. In the rush, neither of them could say anything. Just as I had reached the door to the rotunda unfortunately for them, a chill wind a winds that produced a feeling of rage and pure anger, no pure agony surrounded them and out of that wind came to glowing yellow eyes. In their minds a jealous and angry voice spoke. 

"You are his friends, aren't you"this new voice hissed within their minds "he was always the favorite! Always the favorite always wanted always summoned always called upon. Everybody wanted him and not us. Now we will take the both of you from him! He will feel the pain we have felt. A pain that has lasted five. thousand. years."

 A large purplish black cloud raised seemingly from out of nowhere it formed into a multitude of what look like children and medical smocks. They each wore a wristband on their right arm. White holes where their eyes should be shown with not but agony. Not but pain. Not but jealousy. 

Even though taking it back by the words that he had heard. Spyro could not deviate from the mission. Forces collided in the rotunda. Spyro and Sparx by their lonesome did what they could to subdue be angry, and hurting ghost children. This battle seem to go on for endless hours. This was until a familiar face was seen, that is after a brick flew through one of the many windows. The four pain Windows shattered flakes of glass crashed on the ground. In the moonlight though fully engrossed in combat, Spyro and Sparx saw a familiar figure in a familiar uniform. Her Raven colored hair and accents to match on her uniform shown. There she was, and her navy blue, Yuriev facility issued running suit was an enraged Nina. She stood down all 521 ghosts and matched all of their emotions to her own.

"Hey guys", she kept her hands over her mouth and called out to both of them "it looks like you could use some backup"

The tachyons surrounded Nina has she transformed into a large black dragon with purple accents. With a frightening roar she sent every last one of those ghosts to their maker. She then flew around the rotunda flew down one hallway and flew down the other. She then returned making herself known by standing on the scalping of a dragon skull that was hanging suspended above the drop ceiling.

"I love the smell of a good workout in the… evening night whatever it is!" 

She turned to Spyro in Sparx who were cowering in the center of the rotunda.

Without missing a beat, she walked over to them. Preaching her hand out to Spyro for the Goetia Key. 

"There was a powerful spell book that the top brass in the urea facility guarded with their lives. It seemed to be a playbook of sorts on how to conduct what it is they did when they did it. Devices like The birdcage were wraught from the pages of that book. I heard Dr Merrick say to headmaster Yuriev that is very book contained the words of the Almighty. The very words, nay, the sound that created all things"

The three of them regrouped in the rotunda when the smoke had cleared. None of them had anything to say at this point. They stared at the Goetia Key. Neither the three of them I could fathom a leather bound grimoire could contain the sounds and vibration that make up the whole of the universe. Nina's facial expression had softened. She knew that her culture was not dragon culture. She knew that Spyro had nothing beyond nothing of a lens to process anything he had seen. She knelt down and looked him straight in the eye.

"That's right. This is where myself, number 7, number 8, and of course Gilbert were reared. This is the place we called home until we were around 14 years old. Gilbert was younger than us but by far the more intelligent. Those angry and irate words came from the other students."

Spyro continued to intently listen. This was all new and different to him. He was brought up in the warmth and loving care of the elders and Temple. He spent his days exploring artisans and getting to know the various peoples. This place was so foreboding so sad. His eyes weld up has he took in Nina's words. Everything up to this point now added up. Now the promise Gilbert had made to his father while the sirens were blaring and people were running made complete and total sense. It was at this moment in this very rotunda that he accepted the idea. That he, Spyro the dragon was not a birth of tragedy. Nobody died that day because of him. For he, too had heard the envy, the jealousy, no.. the pain of children who felt less than just now. No longer did he think ill of himself. The three of them headed back to base. 


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SPTD: The House of Four Doors Addendum

1.  Gilbert - Ultima Pistols

"Gilbert is led through a forest inspired by my friend's degree,  probably in the faewild.  He is asked by a very Lara-esque demigoddess to light 8 candles.  They collect 3 items from recently visited worlds.  After collecting these things, he fights nightmares/shad/shadows of former bosses.  Hephaestus appears and uses the 3 times to forge the Ultima Pistols"

2. Dr Watson  - Lazer claw

"A news paper clipping int he London toilet paper roll speaks of a star that fell into the city centre hundreds of years ago.  Having his curiosity upped to the Nth degree, he and steampunk Direwolf, in proper Sherlock helms attire attire, killing experiments that got out to obtain fragments of said star.  The unicorn warriors on the 4 invisible pink unicorns carry them to the clouds where the Lazer claw is forged"

3. Agent 9 - God's fist Katar

"The Professor speaks to agent 9 regarding something he found in his book about antiquities.  He tells Agent 9 that the  are parts that can build a bunching dagger (Katar) that can't be shattered.  The parts, are again hidden in 3 previously visited worlds + the hilt and pummel in Mermaid coast.   After a target parctice challenge, agent 9 is given a bet that he can't scale the London Shard.  When eh does this, t he person who placed the bet with them turns into haphaestus and forges the God's fist"

4. Wilikin - Hands of Castiel

"A wood carver finds the wilikin sleeping on a London street corner and whispers of a pair of gloves that can nullify the affect o prolonged spell usage.  Wilikin takes interest int his, tagging along with Abel and Test subject 3 while their giant robot  is still in construction, they got the north and the south of England ot acquired them both.  The woodcarver transfigures into Hephaestus who sews the  cubs to WIlikin's arms"

5.  Test Subject #7 - Katana of slow dying

"Aizen Magus meets with #7 on the beach yet again, talking to her about  something and nothing at hte same time at the start.  however, the subject of a slow killing katana after she trains more  with a trainee sword. Aizen enjoys the fact that eve n though she has "completed her training" and can turn into a dragon, she wants more.  Along with Agent 9 in tow,  They beat up Chav zombies in the alley sof london, until they're guided to the isle of Man, where they meet up with Wes and his A levels.  After a Karen and Chav Guantlet with a side order of Kameo Elements of power, the nightmare drops the sword.  Aizen shows up in Leupold and congratulates her.  "

6.  Test subject #8 - Dual Blades of Haphaestus

"Nina shows up at the door as in Test subject's #8's bedroom in the orphanage.  They have one of those talks where the subject of a map comes up in conversation.  Apparently in the  household itself, there's hidden library with an Eyeball pyramid which contains a forging recipe for a pair of  lazer swords that also inflect Ulltima damage.  Battling with 3 shadows and several proto chavs, they reach on of 3 keys.  Next, they slay the butler, then finally they put the screws to the matron herself.   after which, they place a talisman in the obvious eye symbol and find th library.  The fae librarian points them the way.  upon finding the forging instructions, the blades motify her previous lazer daggers into the blades of haphaestus"

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Spyro the Dragon: The house of Four Doors

We begin in the spring fairy home where the plot has descended upon the Faewild in the form of something evil this way comes and in turn pisses off the anrchfae who finds 4 random Spyro-centric character in the wood , asking them for help.

A Wilikin, A test subject with a companion that won't shut he hell up and Abel. He telsl them that hep lot has to commence by the lot of them doing a fetch quest and they kind of reeluctantly agree. While that's going on, on Mermaid coast, an emo LITERALLY walks into a bar.

Back at the Spring Faery home, the Archfae gives them a plot dump in slow motion around  a slow motion  campfire.  They explain that the other archfae have been captured by the table scraps from Lilo and stitch and 4 keys form the Mega Man Legends sequel have been hidden in their arenas (that exists for plot convenience).  Of course, they must be the ones that retrieve these keys by doing the normal Spyro thing of completing 3 worlds, a bonus world and a boss fight. 

Meanwhile, the emo walks into a bar tells the barmaid mermaid person that he's waiting for "Someone" who is probably never going to turn up.   They  bring him an appropriately dark  coffee. He sips and goes film noir about some depressing shit. 

Starting at the autumn Fae home, the arch fae who has been turned into hone of those dragon statues from spyro the dragon 1 Speaks to the  not so fantastic 4 about what they saw...Happen.  Upon defeating the fist boss, Hunter's eternal love interest Bianca the rabbit gets exposed to Takyons.  The Takyons make her have a dream that goes into the realm of Child dev  She wanders through her old warren.  Hunter follows in after using those connection gear things form Xenosaga.  After going into quest world, he finds out that Bianca is actually remember a hive blocked memory from before he was taken.  She convince s hunter while in not questworld that she has to go back to the warrens he came from.  They part company and the plot continues.  

The archfae who got freed from t heir imprisonment in negative new age bullshit land explains that the coloured orbs seeing and picking upj talong the way are actually  elemental spheres.   These spheres give  a boost per elemental colour that lasts around an hour.  With this info, they stalk up at the creepy but convenient mr Moneybags shopping pad, and take the balloon to the autumn Faery home where thehy are bombarded bhy a gauntlet of Karen zombies

This causes takyon levels  to go up, and for .... SPyro to actually show up in a Spyro game.  AFter the fighing is over, swithcing from quick time event to cutscene and back again, Spyro explains that some very odd things have happened at conformist hunter HQ  as well as with the Endevour which won't sail for some reason.  

having gained one of the 4 keys, they continue, Hunter follows Bianca back into the Takyon induced land of Jodi with an I's degree where we finally find out what she's seeing:  A younger Gilbert, before he ran off.Once gain, hunter clears her out of not quest world, but the amnesiac like aftereffects cause serious problems for her and take longer to recover from.  In the winter faery home, they find their way to Mermaid coast, and the bar where Gilber it is waitng for them, all 4 of them. After compairing notes They figure that A.  The takyons are messing with the lapine, and the keys have something to dow ith  a construct known as the Akashic Records.  After sitting around and brainstorming a way to get tho the akashic regards, they part company, Gilbert joining them.  


On the island of Pedia, Abel and Test subject #3 find scrap metal and enough at that to build aan entire autotech.  AFter running around, battling messed up experiment monsters to gain more parts and such, theyb egin building


Steampunk Direwolf peaks up from his star wars hologram call from Sergeant byrd regarding the akashic records and what info he can dig up on them in ant arctic.  He also quips that he's worried about bianca's safey after being exposed to high levels of Takyons.  Frighteningly enough, Seargant Byrd notes that hes' seen Inle-rah along with the southern cross.

The image disappears and the 4 of them prattle on to the spring faery home,where e most of this all started .  Zoey the fairy from all the other continuities greets them and warns s them that Karen zombies wer sighted and spotted in and around stone henge 5,000 years ago, but she doesn't know how.  But also that Arkam, the organization behind almost everything  has been active yet again and his using the London Shard as a giant amplifier, presumable to break into  numbers space and find the Akashic records.   Through one of the worlds in the spring faery home,  Bianca and Hunter find the entrance to her old warren ,which by this time is in shambles. Her room sadly enough is still intact.  Gilbert meanwhile, as this dream around the campfire from Chrono trigger involving Willikins being attacked by Karen zombies non a giant floating island with a gear around it. He thinks this might be somewhere in Mechanus but he also remembers via a flashback that he's had this dream since he was a child at the not children's hospital school. Bianca wanders further into the warren finding her as said  in that bedroom.  Upon hearing and seeing the mobiles he passes out.  Onboard "The endevour", hunter senses a xenosaga reference and goes for a dive into not quest world where he finds her, passed out.  The Goddess char also draws Gilbert into the plane of imagination where he sees a full on version of the "dream" he  had.....A battle between prototype karen zombies  and Wilikins, for domination of Minimus, the missing continent in Mechanus.  

Test subject #3 and Abel finish their little after school project AKA the giant robot.  It lies in wait int eh shed until its needed having been equip with 2 unrealistically large flame throwers of taking out Karen and chav zombies, kitted out and ready for combat.  In a reenactment of the ending campfire scene from Chrono Trigger with  a  slow-motion figure, everyone of them  figure out, sidekick included that in order to pierce the veil and fly into the akashic records.  Sergeant byrd ends his weird star wars holophone call with with steampunk Direwolf, and they  try to find .. a spare rocket to stow away on. 

The main four characters return to 5,000 years ago and find that indeed, the anomaly has happened.  Rein, Test Subject #8 and Gilbert steal a life boat and ride to the Thames, when the get their, they bored a barge, headed for the shard.   They're mission? Shut down the transmitter.  Before crossing over into the dimension that the London  shard pierces,  Gilbert is summoned by the Goddess Char tot he fallen and sprawld out body of Bianca.. Having collapsed previously he pulls her out of her mind, she in return, gives him a Ribbon that he swiped from his old director. Seeing that he's given a chance to Return it, he excites and finds out that he's no won a giant field.  bringing it back to her, his child-self apologizes.  

On the island of pedia, Gilbert's Present body walks towards his child soul until its indicated that they've combined.  Reaching the near pinnacle, the 4 chosen by the archfae battle the elementals,  best them in combat and ready themselves for astral space travel.  having acquired the armour, Gilbert flies into space himself and waits for them.  

Finding a rocket that is being used to transfer thigs tot he ISS, the 4 of them board it.  

A Wooden Doll without he ability to feel

A lost child reaching out for his parents

A child viewed as naught but an object

and a dragon with a birth defect

All bored the rocket that is readying for launch to finally reach the "House of 4 doors.  Having bested the last vestiges of Arkam in combat, Gilbert slides a bag of gold to the architect wishing for him to erase Arkam from the planet and its memories.   On the way home, a spectre of Lara forgives him for that day, and her soul is transferred to hollow earth.  Now known as"The Director" she now watches over young dragons.  

5,000 years later, An Anthropomorphic professor finds a tablet on a shore he's walking on.  With a small tear formingin his tear ducts, he packs away the tablet nothing that it reads "The legend of spyro".  The curtain closes.  Fin 

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Anti Teacher Paramilitary Taskforce: Outlander

The Year 1961, Planet earth

An explosion is heard off screen, the camera pans to a lab on fire. We see multiple military supply trucks and convoys evacuating the scene. As alarms blare, One orderly leads 5 Pre-teens to a fire exit. Strangely, they follow suit without much a word

They all load into a military Humvee and drive off, we follow them from a bird's eye perspective, then from the side. The orderly appears calm and stoic, the preteens appear listless. They drive aways, negating and negotiate through traffic and we fade to white
The orderly pulls over at what appears to be an old, run-down shed of sorts. Upon entering it, a trap door is found, and he instructs them all to follow them. They do, and he picks up what looks like an antique phone. They are surrounded by a baby-blue-ish light and fade away. we fade to black.  

They arrive on a pastel, paradisaical form of earth known as "Bytopia". Finally showing some signs of emotion after all that happened, they run the gamut of shocked, confused, stunned, surprised, and frightened. A venerable man lumbers forth with a walking stick and presents himself to the presumed orderly. The children introduce themselves to him. Cindy, Eric, Morgan, Greg, Tim, and Peter. The orderly introduces himself as Yakob or Jacob. After they talk for awhile, it is decided that they will stay there and that the man will train them in scouting and guiding in preparations for spec ops training when they grow older. Finding a hallowed out Gnome castle, they rename it "Academy" and their training starts. In a medley, they all grow up mastering different elements and skills.

Upon graduation, a medley of the now christened "outlanders" is shown embarking on their first field missions. Eruptor (Eric) made the rank of Captain, Stealth-Elf (Cindy) to the mos of "Assassin" Pop-Fizz (Peter) takes the MOS of "Apothecary" Gill-grunt (Greg), upon completing more training with an earth based divers org earns an amphibious specialist rank Trigger Happy (Tim) takes a ballastics MOS and lastly, Jet-Vac (Yakob) further trains in all form of aircraft with the SAS on earth and takes the aerial vehicles specialist MOS
Present Day

In the presnt, Aizen Magus sends the Outlanders on a combined scouting and hostage retrieval mission citing that two labbies (Test subjects) have been found trapped in the basement of London’s Reading university. They fly their in multiple aerial vehicles and land. Trigger Happy and Stealth-Elf case the parametre and note that for some reason, there doesn't seem to be a guard rotation. Aizen tells them not to be surprised but not keep their guard up, as this

 might be a spring trap. They proceed with caution , team B: consisting of Gilgrunt, popfizz, JetVac, and Eruptor enter the building at night. Inside they meet with a Sympathizing Otter regarding the situation, and he lights the way, guiding them through rooms, and encounters with half-finished zombies. They reach the basement, Gilgrunt and Pop-Fizz Repel out of the building; Stealth-Elf and Eruptor replace them. They signal that those two are going back to base.  

Shattering the silence, the loud abulations of a sickly looking goblinesque creature can be heard. The Otter Exclaims that it’s the “Legendary 001”. All of them flash back to their childhoods at the lab, having seen such htings existing when thehy were youhg, they snap out of it and engaeg in battle, subduing the creature. Both a Masculine anda feminine sounding , but f lat voice are heard, and two tall, green figures with blond hair hang above them. Sealth-elff calls for an air evac, and Aizen Reappears in a medium sized ship.   

Scotland yard, however is not happy with the newsas to what happens. They lauch a smear campiagn against a body of paramilitary teens, as they put it and ban them from further opeaerations in london.. IN Response, and for reasons unexplained, thsands of adults , and their near adult children gather in trafalgar square in protest – Recitingt he outlander creed.  

When he hears this, Aizen is semi heart broken due to all his efforts of the force in the past. Hanzel and Gretel,as they are known suggests they should set up a new base in “Sat Martin’s Land” where they are from. Over the next few weeks, they transfer some major equipment from Bytopia and transport it to a hideout in St Martin’s land. While taking in the environment, neither of htem understand why in the world they were made out to be “the bad guys” Until Hansel and Gretel spill the means. In short, “The Man” AKA “Scotland yard” Knew about the Escape from Rendalshem. However, attempting to repossess the five of them now would be dangerous.  

As the sun sinks under the horizon, Eruptor starts a fire. Aizen Magus gives all of them a breifing. This includes Hansel and Gretel. This is because he’s come tot the suspicion that Ther’s a mole. Not exacctly….ar REGULAR Mole either. Someone told the Prime Minster about them, and that SOMEONE has to be working for Red Syndicate. Red Syndicate is the organization they’e been taking out for years. Everyone agrees, and takes their rank. As part of their gear, they dresss more era appropriate to blend in, however, Gilbert dawns a fedora. Everyone laughs. Trigger happy agrees to be the person who takes the wire, everyone moans. Hansel and Gretel set up the tech and the spycraft, then suit up as well.  

They leave, making it suprisingly into the house of lords unscathed. As they sit down and pretty much put a lid on it, which for Trigger happy is a mircle, things start out as usual. This is until, they find their man. An Annunaki looking suprisingly more homonid known as Lord Ereshkigal. Lord Erishkigal lays out his oproposal for a lab crown, private army. Back in St Martin’s land, Aizen Magus’ Jaw drops in pure suprise, he flashes back to his days seen the birthing bays for a split second. He issues silent orders for htem to wiat for a break-out, spread out again, and meet up at Hyde Park ASAP. There, he sends another Air-evac unit. On the way, NO ONE says anything. When they return, The Outlanders, Hansel and Gretel, and Aizen Talk it out. They have one, ONE objective. TAKE LORD ERISHKIGAL OUT.  

During a Military Tattoo in Luton, they spy their chance. Dawning replica spec ops uniforms, they make their drop. Convinccingly marching in the parade, they spyr their mark and wait for him to fire the first round. He sees them, and does. The fight of the centtury is underhand. Swords, guns,RPGs, and SAS protections stand off. Instead of attaciking the Annunaki directly, they let him take rounds from the SAS planes to weaken him. IT works. When he is, they rail on him relentlessly. HE finally goes down. As the smoke clears, they are no where to be found. The only thing that is heard is the sound of an Evac’s engines igniting….The private Autonomous army request did never pass...


In the present day, when they return, everyone holds a small celebration, combing whoops and hallars with the sounds of nature around htem. Aizen Magus is seen smiling drinking a bottle of wine. All he says is “We’ve done it”. The praty goes on long into the night, then everyone


Years later, they return to garl Glittergolad’s pub. Everyone sits down to order and they have banter about “The old days” For a bit. This goes when while a group of badgers and otters are listening hiding facial expressions. After, they and Aizen tell some more stories, ther’es a knock on the front door….A VERY battle wheary, older, and disheveled Gilbert walks in, facing Aizen Magus. He faces them all with a soft glow, . “I’m looking to build an army” He says. Right away, they mount their houses, and ride off to the space port.  


Thursday, December 30, 2021

Guy’s Allegory of the server: Or an Analysis of “Freeguy”

Guy’s Allegory of the server: Or an Analysis of “Freeguy”


A friend of mine who has known me about a score approached me last September and had mentioned that she had seen a movie I absolutely have to see. This person knows me well enough to know my interesting and some what “Narrow seeming” taste in cinema and literature. Between packing and other things, I indulged happily. What I saw, at first, seemed as though it was another “Liberal” commentary on screen use and the stereotype of the Manic Pixie Dreamgirl”. I was wrong….I am happy to report that the grey thing in my head is capable of logic.

In summary, the film follows an avatar known as “Guy” as he navigates the world in what he knows as a “Normal day” similarly to films like “A map of Tiny perfect things”, “Groundhog’s Day”, and the goosebumps ™ Episode “The Ghost Next Door”. It evolves into Guy finding out he’s in a game and breaking character through the person controlling him. He soon becomes a hit with several IRL Lpers**. Shortly after, He himself, is discovered and the person running the game at the company is in the process of creating a sequel to the game. This is the what the crux of the plot is.

Even thought this kind of plot has been popular these days, the way its done int his context is quite refreshing. The writers were probably aware of this, and made every effort to shield the real direction they were going using various writing tricks I have been a gamer since 1989 and into various schools of philosophy since post grad in 2004.


In the famous dialogue written by Plato known as “the Allegory of the cave, the whole point of the piece was to illustrate a questioning of reality. Being that all the person in the cave knew was the cave and the shadows dancing and playing off the light, they believed this was in point of fact, reality. Similarly, in the film, once Guy puts on the glasses he’s given by another NPC, he realizes something isn’t as real about his world as he’s thought. He then begins to go against his programming. Thereby, he begins to see the “shadows” aren’t the only reality out there.

T he plot, however, takes an interesting turn near the end. Guy winds up using the powers he gains from figure out that he lives in a game environment to his advantage and convinces a few people to follow him across a bridge juxtaposed with a battle in the “real” world d between the person who runs the company and the main coder. This culminates int eh villain nearly winning until they find out that Guy somehow has the ability to reconstruct he bridge that is being defragged due to the sever destruction. They all cross it, event though it’s breaking down and start their own lives, where like at the end of ReBoot (tm), everything is reset.