Tuesday, March 22, 2022

SPTD: The House of Four Doors Addendum

1.  Gilbert - Ultima Pistols

"Gilbert is led through a forest inspired by my friend's degree,  probably in the faewild.  He is asked by a very Lara-esque demigoddess to light 8 candles.  They collect 3 items from recently visited worlds.  After collecting these things, he fights nightmares/shad/shadows of former bosses.  Hephaestus appears and uses the 3 times to forge the Ultima Pistols"

2. Dr Watson  - Lazer claw

"A news paper clipping int he London toilet paper roll speaks of a star that fell into the city centre hundreds of years ago.  Having his curiosity upped to the Nth degree, he and steampunk Direwolf, in proper Sherlock helms attire attire, killing experiments that got out to obtain fragments of said star.  The unicorn warriors on the 4 invisible pink unicorns carry them to the clouds where the Lazer claw is forged"

3. Agent 9 - God's fist Katar

"The Professor speaks to agent 9 regarding something he found in his book about antiquities.  He tells Agent 9 that the  are parts that can build a bunching dagger (Katar) that can't be shattered.  The parts, are again hidden in 3 previously visited worlds + the hilt and pummel in Mermaid coast.   After a target parctice challenge, agent 9 is given a bet that he can't scale the London Shard.  When eh does this, t he person who placed the bet with them turns into haphaestus and forges the God's fist"

4. Wilikin - Hands of Castiel

"A wood carver finds the wilikin sleeping on a London street corner and whispers of a pair of gloves that can nullify the affect o prolonged spell usage.  Wilikin takes interest int his, tagging along with Abel and Test subject 3 while their giant robot  is still in construction, they got the north and the south of England ot acquired them both.  The woodcarver transfigures into Hephaestus who sews the  cubs to WIlikin's arms"

5.  Test Subject #7 - Katana of slow dying

"Aizen Magus meets with #7 on the beach yet again, talking to her about  something and nothing at hte same time at the start.  however, the subject of a slow killing katana after she trains more  with a trainee sword. Aizen enjoys the fact that eve n though she has "completed her training" and can turn into a dragon, she wants more.  Along with Agent 9 in tow,  They beat up Chav zombies in the alley sof london, until they're guided to the isle of Man, where they meet up with Wes and his A levels.  After a Karen and Chav Guantlet with a side order of Kameo Elements of power, the nightmare drops the sword.  Aizen shows up in Leupold and congratulates her.  "

6.  Test subject #8 - Dual Blades of Haphaestus

"Nina shows up at the door as in Test subject's #8's bedroom in the orphanage.  They have one of those talks where the subject of a map comes up in conversation.  Apparently in the  household itself, there's hidden library with an Eyeball pyramid which contains a forging recipe for a pair of  lazer swords that also inflect Ulltima damage.  Battling with 3 shadows and several proto chavs, they reach on of 3 keys.  Next, they slay the butler, then finally they put the screws to the matron herself.   after which, they place a talisman in the obvious eye symbol and find th library.  The fae librarian points them the way.  upon finding the forging instructions, the blades motify her previous lazer daggers into the blades of haphaestus"

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