Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Moved, but depressed Cat


A few years ago now, I was approached by a now ex manager concerning moving to another group home that they claimed up  and down was a lot more suited for someone as <i>independent</i> as I am.  I only declined initially due to balance issues and negotiating some rough terrain.  However, declining in a state-run group home is not a good idea.  I was thereafter, followed around by  people sent by  my ex-manager to <i> "convince*1" </i> A yes vote out of me.

This didn't work.  It drove me completely out of my mind.  I had nothing to do  or say.  The meltdowns I had were terrible, with no recourse.  Over the course of several months, even though we had gone through 2 managers in less than 6 months, the convincing attempts kept coming, in the middle of work.  For those of you who don't know, I work for a janitorial enclave that is a subsidiary of the same company I live under.  They have strict rules about things like standing around, "Not working" and other things.  I lost hours worth of time.  The verbal pelting continued.

4 months ago, I was told, Ironically at work that the spot had opened up again.  Having been fed up with having money stolen from me by a housemate and constantly having staff around, I gave in.  I don't have buyer's remorse.  Unfortunately though, this is still a state-run group home with the same state nonsense all because I have a few labels under my belt that I didn't at all ask for.  3 and a half weeks ago, I was told that final preparations were made.  A month prior , I started packing.  I did, however, run out of boxes.

Being that the boxes were furnished and things were packed, we packed up the rest of it.  HOwever, I was only given a single week! Ontop of that, we happened to have a really bad snow advisory that week! It was harsh.  Rides to and from work on the last day of work at the old house were horrendously slow.

Where there's a Rail, there's a Way

I am now there.  It  hasn't even bee
n a day yet.  I am emotionally crippled (Sorry for the use of that word) and compromised.  I already hear talks of meetings and such.  the only lights I can see are a few friends showing up at some point.  Last night, I wound up going grocery shopping with them; it wasn't too different from the way we used to do it years ago.  That doens't help things any.  When I moved from Duluth to the cities more than 16 years ago, I had family friends, a church, and a mall I was familiar with. Now, I don't have any of that.

The rail, yes, was installed.  For some reason, they (as in the office or maintainence) coucln't give me a yay or nay 3 years ago.  I dno't know how I am going to fair or deal with this at the moment. I do have paintings, and the arts.  I am also working on raising funds to pay for the filing fee of guardianship.  Should this be successful, I will up and leave.  I have placed my link down on the bottom for either donations or art purchases.

"Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you are our only hope"