Wednesday, January 3, 2018

For Auld Lang Syne

-By Serge C Katzen-

This year has been one heavens of a rollercoaster. From things like the women's march following the innaugaration of the one who shall not be named to the relase of films like "It" (2017) and the amazing Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi and TV shows like The Reboot of "The Magic Schoolbus (tm)" on "Netflix", as well as the hit "Stranger Things" which brought back yet more 80s nostalgia.
Spring and Summer of this year were questionable in some regards, however, not so in others. Even though the feline never got to run off to Florida before "RealID"(tm) took effect, the release of "It", "Stranger things", and "The Dark Tower" served as a cosmic counterbalance.
One of my supervisors turned me onto "Stranger things" and I fell in love with the group of friends on bikes and 11. The plot involves MK ultra capturing children and tyring to use them to open a portal up. MK Ultra is and was actually a thing. The setting of the 80s with all its nostalgia makes it into a marriage of Robert Zemeckis and Stephen King. STRANGELY enough "Stranger things" was NOT penned by Mr King himself.