Friday, December 6, 2019

Spyro the Dragon - Myths Awaken

-Plot Synopsis-

Act 1 - The Unraveling

ON AN UNKNOWN ISLAND, GILBERT speaks with the shark deity at length about a strange cloud he saw that seems to have biological properties.  He notes that it APPEARS to be breaking down or dissolving things. THe Shark deity nods in agreement, but solemnly.  The next day, in dragonland, there is great sadness.  Not only have the stories of the world begun to change, but storytellers have fallen ill. Two of which die.  Gilbert, having been fed up with what's going on, states that "No more of these men will die, if I can help it."  He buries them both, and sends their body across the great sea.

In the time machine, Gilbert returns to the earth from 5,000 years ago.  Admiring the setting sun, he notes that time is running out and he walks towards the university. Upon acquiring entry into the archaeology department, he meets with the heads.  They inquire how he got in, he responds in kind.  After stating his business, and putting the people under light duress, he instructs him to let the man known as "The explorer" perform research on the centre of the earth.  He wins them out.  He meets the explorer hanging around the quad. They talk for a beat, and the plan is laid out.  The depart in the time machine and land back on the island. 

They are met on the island by ASHE, ZAPP and SPARK.  ZAPP and SPARK bicker a bit and it dies down.  Ashe formally introduces herself to the explorer. Spike emerges from a bush and chirps.  he uses his talking crystal to introduce himself, using a less formal speech pattern.  After this, all of them head for conformist hunter headquarters.  Lauren had already ran a detailed scan and analysis on the mysterious cloud.  She outright states that it's function is to deconstruct.  However, deconstruct

WHAT they are unsure of, as its patterns are near completely random. 
Night falls shortly there after. The explorer falls asleep quicker than usual.  He has a dream where he sees a withering Char, fallen next to her loom.  Weakly, Char fills him in on what's going on.  The cloud exists for ONE reason and ONE reason only; To break things down. It's breaking the weaves of culture, story, way of life so that the enemy can invade, taking over the who solar system once and for all.  When the vision concludes, eh writes this down, doing a detailed drawing of an ailing Char.  All fades to black.  The next morning, he reports this to Spyro.  Spyro sounds the alarm, and the adventure begins. 

Act 2 - 8 Touchstones, 7 dragons, and one earthling

ALL OF THEM GATHER on the bridge of a small scale space ship.  There is a large screen in front of them with a map of several planes of existence.  Spyro lays out the details of the mission.  "Split up into two companies, and retrieve the missing 8 touchstones that were stolen the officers of the PTA."  Half of the people (and dragons) in the room go with Spyro, the other half go with the explorer and Gilbert.  They head to "the place where stories begin" -- AKA "The plane of faery".  Spyro's company lands in the plane of fire; Gilbert's company lands in the plane of water. 
In each location, the denizens send them on quests to defeat the constructs that the Anunaki have built to guard the touchstones.  in the city of Glass, Brooke speaks with one of the waterfey about dealings in her homeland of Acquaria towers. likewise, in the city of Brass, Gilbert, the explorer and Blaze speak with a local Afrit regarding the top of Magma Cone, where Blaze is from.  After defeating the constructs in battle on their respective ends, they regroup in the plane of wind, at a point called "Sky Citadel". 

To his slight dismay, Gilbert hears familiar voices  and it is revealed that the skylaanders have been on their trail.  Trigger happy takes a nice swig of mayonnaise and likewise, Stealth Elf takes one of soysauce.  The whole gang stops and listens to them as they fearfully  and franticly  explain that the PTA has, infact, now broken into dragonland.  They also note that since regainng the touchstones that they have, Char is recovering from her illness.  Next, its off to the Earthrealm.  Night falls, the two companies, and the skylanders set up camp.  When everyone falls asleep, the explorer inches ever so closer to Gilbert's sword.  Armed with a notebook, he begins to sketch another drawing of it.  When
he does, he's transported back in time to when He, and a fawn named Elora were courting.

 Elora stands there in her black and grey Gebler uniform with rank patches and all. She and a young Gilbert embrace as the words "In joyous bliss, Palamon wedded Emily" are heard.  the scene flashes foward to a defeated and forlorn Gilbert, carrying the dead body of Elora to a spot in the forest, then it flashes ever forward to the outside of a temple.  A Strnage looking , Sea Green sword glows a slight blue and floats over to him and he takes it.  pulling away, startle and saddened, the explorer finally realizes what all this is about.  In an attempt to both comfort and lift his spirits, Brooke and Blaze both sing to him.

The clouds open up, however, and a flying disc appears with a nearly healed Char riding on it.  Presenting the Explorer with a silvery blue sword that glows purple, she tells him that it's time for him to learn how to fight, as his ancestors did before they landed on earth and "Softened" as she puts it. One of the cheetah people volunteers to train him.  Weeks pass, starting with a wooden training blade and working up.  The explorer regains his genetic and familial confidence once more.  He casts away his parka for a suit of chainmail. 

All of them head to bytopia to track down Garl Glittergold.  The explorer also meets up with none other than Aizen Magus.  He and his daughter Ma'i discuss the intricacies of piloting giant maechs called "Autotechs".  The following evening, they all meet arounda camp fire.  They discuss how they're going to get ahole of the last two stones.  After they formulate a plan, everyone turn sin for the night. 

Act 3 - The sounding of the war drums

All over Dragonland, the drums of war sound.  Even though a gathering of elders has done their best to hold them back.  An army of Zombies invades and the battle  is on. Just when all hope is lost, Singing can be heard in the distance. From seemingly out of nowhere, Aizen and Ma'i show up in t the autotechs 17 and 18, making short work of the army.  The shark God returns, firing a beam skyword.  Gilbert returns, riding a sea dragon and takes on more of the zombies that keep popping up.

Red Syndicate shows themselves and attempts to smash the touchstones, but to no avail.  An enraged Gilbert disables the safeties on his suit of armour.  He goes into full rage mode.  The rest  of the dragons follow suit.  Puppet Master challenges the explorer to a battle.  Summoning all  his genetic and familial courage, he spars with puppet master until enough is enough. in order to defeat the cloud, Spyro launches himself into space, summoning the help of a large blackhole.  the cloud slowly shrinks as it's sucked into the blackhole.  having expended all his energy, spyro plummets to the earth below.  The explorer, in sync with spyro, Runs the puppet master through.  Time seems to stop.  Everyone has respective dreams about the importance of story and narrative.  Spyro rests. 
Exactly 2 weeks later, a parade of Avalari, Mechanus, Bytopian, and Shadow land creatures march towards the university.  The Dean of students' Jaw drops as as the explorer presents his department with the touchstones, the suit of armour and his sword.  Everyone including the skylanders meet back at conformist hunter base.  This, it appears, is the end of red syndicate.  We pan across  a resting spyro, and then fade to black.


  1. Interesting Read Andy. How does the red syndicate relate to the PTA? or do they have anything in common?

  2. "Red Syndicate" Is a an arm of the PTA that takes over businesses and companies slowly converting them into their aim. As I synopsize the main cannon, you'll see a lot more of them. They also go under the name "Hayams".